You have 15 days left to accept the new conditions or run out of WhatsApp

you have 15 days left to accept the new conditions
you have 15 days left to accept the new conditions

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WhatsApp announced his new conditions at the beginning of the year, but the application date was delayed due to the great controversy that arose around the privacy changes. If you want to continue using the app, it is necessary to accept these conditions, and even if you have accepted them, some users are being forced to accept them again.

It all started in early January, when WhatsApp announced a series of new terms of use. In them, it was announced that Facebook would be able to read the messages that we exchanged with companies that use its tools for WhatsApp Business, thus breaking the protection in WhatsApp messages.

Spain is safe thanks to the GDPR

In the European Union They cannot do this, as they violate the GDPR, but the conditions will still change in the next few days. Also, WhatsApp made a post clarifying that they always respect the privacy of users and that they they never see your messages personal with friends or family.

whatsapp new conditionsDo not accept these new conditions It has consequences, such as that we will not be able to use the app to send or receive messages since then. You will have some time available to download your information, and you will be able to continue receiving notifications and calls. However, after that period in which the conditions are not accepted, the account will be permanently deleted.

Therefore, WhatsApp is showing a notification or a message in the chat in which users are urged to accept the new conditions in which there will be no loss of rights or privacy for European users. Thus, there will be other minor changes in which they will better detail the data they collect from users and how they work to keep them safe, but at no time will they expand the amount of information they share with Facebook; especially since the law prevents it.

It worries that WhatsApp wants to read messages with companies

In the event that you are concerned that companies may share your information with third parties, the advice that WhatsApp gives is simply that do not use WhatsApp to talk to companies. The company has tried to promote the use of the WhatsApp Business API as the main way of monetization, where companies pay the company to be able to offer customer service and even purchase services by displaying catalogs within the app natively.

The fact that they encourage people not to use it if they want to preserve their privacy shows how important user data is to WhatsApp, and the fact that Facebook can access what users write with companies in the app. With this they have a direct way to know what their interests are, including food, clothes, travel, and a long etcetera depending on the type of company they talk to or the messages they send them.