Xiaomi’s inexpensive POCO M3 Pro would debut 5G connectivity

The POCO M3 in various colors
xiaomi's inexpensive poco m3 pro would debut 5g connectivity

The POCO M3 in various colors

Without a doubt the LITTLE M3 launched in 2020 it has become one of the best selling mobiles on the market. Especially thanks to the excellent ratio of benefits and price that the firm’s phone has. This has moved in a price range of between 100 and 150 euros offering surprising features. Now we know the features that its successor will have, a Pro model that promises to offer an even more extreme and attractive price-performance ratio. A terminal that will come with important surprises, including the most advanced connectivity.

The cheapest 5G mobile?

With what we have known today it could certainly become a reality with a fairly adjusted price. Because one of the POCO executives has detailed to a specialized medium such as Android Central that the phone will have a MediaTek Dimensity processor, which is the range of processors that have 5G connectivity. A terminal that would have other functions that will make it one of the most interesting phones in the entry and average range. A phone that thanks to this processor would offer a performance up to 60% higher than that of its predecessor.

The LITTLE M3 Xiaomi

This POCO executive has also revealed that the new phone will arrive with a high refresh rate, so it is not ruled out to see it arrive with 90Hz or 120Hz on your panel, something that has almost become essential, even in the most economical range. A phone that would have an interesting novelty in terms of its software. Because it is possible that the new terminal is unmarked from the rest of Xiaomi phones and has its own personalization layer. At least the executive advances that it will have special software features. Therefore it is not ruled out a POCO UI layer or similar that can offer a different look to MIUI, while retaining its core.

A new phone that we could see in Spain or not, perhaps only in India. It all depends on whether it is a phone that offers us similar or identical characteristics to models that we already have in Spain. Because it is not uncommon in the Xiaomi range to launch the same phone in different markets under different names. We hope that this is not the case and that we enjoy a completely new and innovative mobile for the entry range. Hopefully it will show up during May or June.