Xiaomi plans to make electric cars, these are their plans

Xiaomi plans to make electric cars, these are their plans
xiaomi plans to make electric cars, these are their plans

Apple is definitely not the only technology manufacturer of telephones interested in “putting head” in the world of electric cars and it is that the company is already rumored to be designing the first concepts.

Xiaomi plans to make electric cars

Reuters sources comment that the Asian giant plans to produce electric cars with the aim of reaching a “mass market”. Among the details of the electric cars that the brand could be working on, no data has yet been released, what is clear is that Xiaomi would integrate them with other products and manufacture them in a plant of the Chinese automotive giant Great Wall.

In addition, they ensure that the first model of the brand could arrive by the year 2023, a date that surprises many because of its close date. According to this information, the company could give the first details in a few days.

Xiaomi Car

Xiaomi wants to take advantage of its technologies

The reason for this move is very simple: Xiaomi wants to diversify its line and make it more resistant and to be an even more financially sound company. While it is true, it is one of the largest phone brands in China, it operates with still too small profit margins and this economically speaking may burst the growing bubble it is in in a short period of time. If any problem like the recent chip shortage spreads, it could spell checkmate for the Chinese company.

Electric vehicles would give Xiaomi a more reliable source of income throughout the year, given the great benefit that manufacturers usually obtain in this sector, in addition to the technologies that the macar already has in its possession, it could make a 360º product with which to profit from many areas.

The problem, of course, is that Xiaomi is not the only company that has this idea in mind, others like Apple or Huawei are also exploring how to enter the automotive sector. The Chinese search company Baidu has already revealed its plans to make an electric vehicle with the help of the Geely company. Technology companies want to enter the automotive world to be able to expand its technologies much more. Xiaomi wants to bet on its ecosystem to attract people.

Founder Lei Jun is betting that the company’s experience with hardware design will be an advantage, according to a source. Unlike some of its rivals, Xiaomi makes a number of products beyond phones that include everything from smart TVs to cooking pots. Knows how to make a variety of devices, and it has many affiliate brand partnerships, many of which communicate with each other, and that could be attractive, and one more source of profit for the brand.