Xiaomi launches its best headphones to compete with the AirPods Pro

xiaomi launches its best headphones to compete with the airpods
xiaomi launches its best headphones to compete with the airpods

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After several days of dropping small pills, Xiaomi today finally unveiled its new premium noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones with which they aim to compete with the AirPods Pro at a much lower price. We go with all the news that include the My Noise Canceling Headphones FlipBuds Pro.

Today, May 13, Xiaomi has finally presented its best Bluetooth wireless headphones to date. To begin with, they are the first AirPods type headphones launched on the market that have active noise cancellation, being able to block the 99% of ambient noise, reducing it by 40 dB. There are three noise reduction modes: high, medium and low, where each is recommended for different situations, such as the office or air travel. It also has a mode that allows ambient sound to pass through to hear cars on the street and avoid being run over.

Bluetooth 5.2 and connecting to two devices at the same time

Internally we find a 11mm speaker, quite large for a speaker of this style, and an impedance of 16 Ω, with a design in the diaphragm taken care of to the millimeter. The FlipBuds Pro have also been adjusted by the Xiaomi Audio Lab to provide a more realistic sound by adjusting it to HRTF (Head-related transfer function).

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The TWS headphones Are compatible with Qualcomm aptX for excellent sound quality via Bluetooth, reducing latency and increasing the bitrate of the signal we are listening to. The chip that equips is the Qualcomm QCC5151, which offers Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and sound reproduction at 192 kHz and 24 bits.

The headphones also allow connection to two different devices, so that we can have them paired with the mobile and the computer at the same time so that the connection is faster and easier. Thanks to that, we can be listening to music on the PC, and if we receive a call on the mobile, it will automatically be answered without having to disconnect them.

7 hours of battery per charge

Battery lasts up to 7 hours per charge, and with the case this duration is extended to 28 hours. In the case of having active noise cancellation, the duration drops to 22 hours. To charge them, we have fast charging, where with only 5 minutes of charging we can enjoy 2 hours of playback.

To charge from 0 to 100%, it only takes 35 minutes in the case. Connectivity is USB C, and also have Qi wireless charging. It is compatible with the XiaoAI voice assistant, and hopefully when it arrives in Europe it will be compatible with the Google Assistant. It also has three included silicone pads to adapt them to our ears.

Its price is 799 yuan, about 102 euros to change. They will be on sale starting tomorrow, May 14. At the moment we do not know when they will reach the international market, but surely they can be bought in export stores. Of course, as we say, if we want native compatibility with Google Assistant it will be better to wait for the launch of the European version.