Xiaomi launches a new robot vacuum cleaner of small size but with a lot of technology

Xiaomi launches a new robot vacuum cleaner of small size but with a lot of technology
xiaomi launches a new robot vacuum cleaner of small size

For a few years now, robot vacuum cleaners they make life a little easier for us. Just press a button and they start cleaning the whole house without having to worry too much about reaching all the specks of dust, pet hair or breadcrumbs, since these gadgets leave our home clean as a whistle.

Now Xiaomi has launched a new model called “Mijia Ultra-Thin Robot”, a robot that stands out above all for its sober, compact design and that has everything type of technologies.

Xiaomi Mijia has launched an ultra-thin robot vacuum cleaner: everything you need to know

In terms of design, style and functionality, the new robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Mijia very reminiscent of the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro +, a model launched both at home and in the Global version and equipped with a ToF camera system. This feature also returns with the newcomer, but with a novelty, a ultra-thin body to clean even the toughest places.

Xiaomi Mijia robot

The real gem of the robot is undoubtedly represented by its size: the body has a diameter of 32 cm while the thickness is only 5.5 cm. It’s about a very fine apparatus and therefore very useful for cleaning under the most difficult furniture. Also in this case we find a system with 3D ToF camera: thanks to this technology – with which we have also had to do a lot with smartphones – it is possible to obtain a complete and accurate mapping and an even more accurate recognition of the environment.

The set is accompanied by AI algorithms that make cleaning efficient; avoid obstacles It will be child’s play for the new Xiaomi Mijia ultra-slim robot vacuum cleaner. The container for dust is 500 ml; obviously it is a device with function of floor cleaning, thanks to the presence of a 220 mm container for water.

The suction power is 2000 PA and there is even four power levels. As always it is possible to take advantage of the controls through the WhatsApp, as well as voice commands thanks to the support of assistant XiaoAI.

Price and availability

Xiaomi Mijia’s ultra-thin robot vacuum cleaner debuted in the Chinese store at a price of about 254 euros. At the moment the product is only available at home, but knowing Xiaomi it is likely that we will see it in the global version in the coming weeks.