Wondery has joined Apple Podcast subscriptions

apple podcasts antes .jpg
apple podcasts antes .jpg

Podcasts are hotter than ever. Large companies such as Amazon, Spotify or Apple itself have bet heavily on podcasts. And a sample of this is the fact that Wondery has joined Apple Podcast subscriptions

What is it Wondery? Basically it is an American podcast network created in 2016 by Hernan Lopez backed by 20th Century Fox and now owned by Amazon Music. And the agreement they have reached with Apple implies that part of the subscription content of Wondery + will be available through Apple’s podcast platform.

Wondery has joined Apple Podcasts Subscriptions for $ 34.99 if you decide to pay annually

This agreement with Wondery what you are looking for is basically capture high-profile consumer and quality programs to include them in the Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and that the new Apple subscription begins to work and generate income. This way content creators can create monthly and yearly subscriptions for their shows.

But unlike Apple TV +, the operation of the podcast subscription system is more similar to the App Store since content creator is paid directly. Of course, creators will have to pay Apple $ 19.90 a year a minimum amount if you create good content and have many subscribers to your podcast.

I do not know if one day in Spain the world of podcasting will be financially profitable for its creators.

Focusing on Wondery +, the platform is thinking of taking two subscriptions of $ 4.99 per month and $ 34.99 per year. So if you have the possibility to enjoy the content of Wondery + and Apple’s podcast subscription system, it is a good opportunity to consume quality content.

Wondery’s own CEO Jen Sargent has revealed how exciting it is for the world of podcasting joining apple and the possibilities that open up for the entire podcast industry. “Through this opportunity, we will offer our Apple Podcasts listeners easy access to Wondery + while giving them the same immersive listening experience that they have come to know and love.”