With the Reface update you will be able to create animations using your own photos

2021 05 18 12 13 40
2021 05 18 12 13 40

Perhaps you have come across on a social network with videos of movie scenes that have someone else’s face. This type of content has become very popular and there are several options to create it, although Reface is one of the most famous. Now, the application brings a new update where it incorporates the possibility of creating animations with photos.

It is a very fun feature where you just have to choose a selfie, select the type of animation you want and a very attractive video will be generated immediately.

The novelty of Reface: create animations with photos

This creating animations with photos is something that we have seen recently, with the tool launched by MyHeritage. Likewise, the results of the Wombo application have become viral on the internet, capable not only of animating a photo, but also of lip-syncing with the soundtrack. In this way, Reface has managed to mesh these previous experiences to incorporate his new Swap Animation. This feature will allow you to take a photo, mount it in an animated scene and also synchronize it with the music.

If you have not used Reface so far, you should know that it is a free application and available for Android and iOS. In general it is very easy to use and the process of creating animations with photos is no exception.

In that sense, to start creating animations with your photos from Reface, open the app and touch the “+” button. In the options shown below, select “Swap Animation” or animate image. You will immediately select your photo, although you can also take it at that time.

Finally, select an animation from the gallery and you’re done. You can insert your face in scenes that show everything from statues to Dr Strange. It won’t take long for you to start seeing these animations on social media, so take advantage of launching yours right away.

To get the app on Android, follow this link.

To get the app on iOS, follow this link.