WIN 3, GPD’s new portable video game console that raises performance

gpdwin3 730x483.jpg
gpdwin3 730x483.jpg

The manufacturer of portable video game consoles GPD returned to the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform this year to seek financing for its new WIN 3 console, having raised about 13,000% of the financing goal, and again opening the possibility that new interested parties can get their units at a good price under Indiegogo’s on-demand participation method.

GPD has attended the requests of users of previous console models to carry out a series of improvements in its new version.

In this sense, the shell design has been discontinued. to bet on a unibody design, in which users can also slide the screen up to access a digital QWERTY keyboard (They point out that in this way, the equipment is less thick than the use of physical keys) for when they have to enter some type of text that is required in games.

They also point out that this model has improved the audio experience with the Germany AAC stereo speaker integration instead of ordinary stereo dual speakers.

A bright 5.5 ″ screen, Analog L2 and R2 triggers for greater precision and possibilities, better graphics performance thanks to Intel Iris Xe graphics core, an improved heat dissipation system, in addition to the overall performance improvement of 20% thanks to the Tiger Lake-U processor, come to make up other improvements that come in this version, although there are more.

In this sense, it must also be taken into account that this model comes with Thunderbolt 4 interface, opening a wide range of connectivity possibilities through the multifunction dock, from which it can be held in a fixed position, but also offers various ports and load capacities Of the device.

Those who want to go beyond games should know that This model can also function as a secondary monitor, or even take advantage of the dock’s HDMI connector to bring images to larger screens.. The dock also has an RJ45 port for those who prefer Ethernet connectivity instead of Wi-Fi connectivity.

The company has not skimped on technical and comparative details compared to other products, both its own and those of third parties, on the campaign website, so those who wish to deepen their technical capabilities will find all the information in it, from which They will also have the possibility of acquiring a grip for their respective units, which facilitates the holding of the device.