“While my friends ordered fancy fusion plates, I ordered regular pho.” • [ ] …

“While my friends ordered fancy fusion plates, I ordered regular pho.” 💙

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Thank you to bibliolifestyle and harperperennial for this copy of Barely Functional Adult by coming out this Tues 11/24/2020!

In the introduction to this book, the author says “There is a strange but potent comfort in the discovery that someone else in the universe has experienced the exact same feelings as we have.” and this book is something I would gift to someone as they graduate college because there is so much they will relate to as they navigate their 20s and it really could bring comfort to know they are not alone. My favorite chapters were The Glory of Quitting which really delves into that post-college life and beginning that real job hunting. Space Dust explores moving to a new city and the challenges of making adult friends. As someone whose tight group of college besties spread out all over the globe after graduation, I totally remembered how hard it was to start over in a new city, knowing NOBODY and not only trying to fit in at work but also trying to create a social life for myself and create genuine friendships. It’s hard and I know many of my friends have felt that too- well into their 40s. I really believe this book can bring some comfort to people going through some challenging life stages to know they are not alone. I’ll definitely be gifting this a lot in the future. I’m probably 20 years past this life stage but related to so much to it so I’d say it is timeless! 💙

Excerpt from synopsis:
Wielding her trademark balance of artful humor, levity, and heartbreaking introspection, Meichi Ng’s indisputably relatable collection of short stories holds a mirror to our past, present, and future selves… Prepare to excitedly shove this book in your friend’s face with little decorum as you shout, “THIS IS SO US!”

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  2. Nice to meet you here Caroline! I saw your booksta from Diana’s page! This sounds like a good one even though I’m not in my 20’s anymore 😂

  3. I plan on reading this and did have concerns about me being above the target age range, lol, but I’m glad to see you enjoyed this too!

  4. I appreciate this pho. It looks unpretentious.🙏🏻✨ Thanks so much for reading, Caroline! I hope you enjoyed the book!❤️

  5. Also, thank you for recognizing and appreciating the timeless struggles of the book. I tried to write a book where the character ages so that there’s a chapter in there for everyone so it means a lot to me that you were able to see that in the writing. Thank you!❤️

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