Which messaging app is more secure: WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal

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mobile apps
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Mobile apps

The entry into force of the new conditions of use of WhatsApp – announced at the beginning of the year and its application delayed until last May 15 – has caused a massive exodus of users to other instant messaging applications alternatives to WhatsApp, in search of greater privacy and security.

In this sense, two of the most benefited by the arrival of new users have been Telegram -which has exceeded 500 million users worldwide- and Signal. But … which of the three instant messaging applications is really more secure? We explain it to you in the following video:

To analyze which is the safest instant messaging app we have taken into account different aspects. Among others, the fact that the applications have a end-to-end encryption of messaging to prevent anyone from accessing the content of the shipments. As these are produced in an encrypted manner, not even the people who work in the messaging apps have access to the content of the messages.

However, keep in mind that not all apps have this encrypted peer-to-peer messaging enabled by default. This can result in users who do not know to proactively activate it to end up using the application without knowing that their messages are not protected by encryption.

On the other hand, it is necessary to look at how much information the app collects regarding the user’s personal data, their usage patterns and other information that they may share with third parties. Finally, it is also worth evaluating which apps are open source, since having published its source code allows greater control and the performance of external audits that guarantee greater security and privacy to users.

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