WhatsApp will be sanctioned in India if it does not withdraw its new rules

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The Indian government has sent a letter to WhatsApp urging the Facebook-owned company to withdraw its new terms of use and privacy, which went into effect worldwide on May 15.

India, with 450 million WhatsApp users, is the largest messaging app market

In the letter sent, the country’s Minister of Electronics and Information Technology grants Facebook a maximum of seven days so that it offers a “satisfactory answer” to your requests. Otherwise, he warns, the government will take legal action against the company to “protect the rights and interests of Indian citizens.”

India, with some 450 million users, is the country in the world with the largest number of WhatsApp users. The company published its new terms of use last December. The government of the Asian country already expressed in January its “serious concern” about the entry into force of this new data policy and asked the company to cancel its approval, something that not only has not happened, but last Saturday the new rules went into effect.

The Indian minister has expressed his disagreement with the “Differential treatment” of your country by WhatsApp and accuses the company of “discriminating” against its citizens. This refers to the fact that, in the countries of the European Union, the most controversial aspects of the new WhatsApp use policy do not apply, given the existence of the community data protection law GDPR.

It should be remembered that, the new update of WhatsApp privacy rules, contemplates that the messaging app can sharer user’s personal information, such as their phone number and location, with Facebook. In its defense, WhatsApp has argued that other Indian companies maintain a data policy very similar to the one it has just implemented.

This is not the first time that the Indian government has faced a large technology company for failing to guarantee the privacy of its citizens. Last summer, India banned the use of TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps in its country for this reason.