WhatsApp overcomes the pitfalls and launches its payment platform in Brazil: soon in Spain?

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Payments through WhatsApp are nothing new, and we have been talking about them for a few months now. Specifically, of the little fiasco that was the first attempt to take them to Brazil, when there was a veto by the monetary authorities of that country until it was a little clearer how it was going to be carried out, under what conditions and with which entities in the role of partners.

Now, practically a year later, it has been confirmed that payments within WhatsApp are already available in Brazil, a country that is one of the main markets for Facebook’s, along with India, the place precisely where this type of operation was launched at the beginning of 2018. So it is evident that we are facing one more leg within the ambitious business they want expand the North Americans and who see many possibilities for expansion.

Already in Brazil and then … also Spain?

It has been through a message on Twitter from David Marcus, head of the financial services area of ​​Facebook, who has stated that “Very excited to start enabling WhatsApp Payments in Brazil today. This will be a gradual implementation, but it will allow people to pay each other in conversations as easily as sending a text message, and it’s going to be very useful! “

Very excited to start enabling Payments in WhatsApp in Brazil today. This will be a gradual roll-out, but enabling people in 🇧🇷 to pay one another in conversations as easily as sending a text message is going to be so useful! pic.twitter.com/3YQGdz74QK

– David Marcus (@davidmarcus) May 4, 2021

As they point out from the platform, for the moment the deployment has begun and will be reaching all corners of WhatsApp in Brazil in the coming weeks, surely, with the sights set on a more ambitious international launch in the coming months and years. And our country? It is clear that the entire European Union is in their plans and in our case, we already starred in the occasional specific review, such as the view in some beta versions for Android where it could be read in a concrete way that “WhatsApp is working to improve Payments for specific countries, in particular for Spain“.

It is evident that Facebook is looking for WhatsApp to be profitable and within that strategy payments surely play a starring role, And if they are being delayed in other countries, it is not so much due to the lack of desire or resources of the North Americans, but because of the complex infrastructure necessary to activate transactions within the app, which must be carried out thanks to agreements with banks in different territories. In this way, together with the Business chats for businesses, achieve the old desire of Mark Zuckerberg to find new ways of income.