WhatsApp launches a new pack of free stickers and copies another Telegram function

whatsapp launches a new pack of free stickers and copies
whatsapp launches a new pack of free stickers and copies

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WhatsApp keep working to include novelties little by little in the app. This week they have not only improved a function that previously had copied to Telegram, but have also launched a new official sticker pack to celebrate love with an Asian twist. We go with all the news.

Share Asian Love: new pack of stickers

WhatsApp has launched a new pack of stickers with its particular design that is far from the quality and simplicity offered by Telegram. In addition, this official WhatsApp sticker pack seems to be more oriented to the Asian public than the Western one due to the elements it represents. If you want to have it in your application, you can go to the stickers section of the app, or you can also add it through this link. We remember that WhatsApp, since this year, already associates a link to each pack of stickers so that it is easier to add it, as Telegram has been doing for years.

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Archived chats are finally useful

WhatsApp introduced the ability to archive chats some time ago. The problem is that this function was quite useless, since as soon as we received a message, the chat was unarchived. The true utility of this function is found in its implementation in apps like Telegram, where all chats are saved at the top in a section called «Archived chats«, Which is not even seen from the PC app, having to go to the drop-down menu on the left.

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Therefore, WhatsApp has launched in the beta the new feature of archiving chats. In it, we can decide if we want to maintain a chat despite messages reaching it. When archiving it, the chat in WhatsApp is muted automatically and notifications are not received about it. To see if we have it active, we have to go to Settings> Chats> Keep chats archived. If we have it, we can activate it and enjoy the novelty.

Thus, when archiving a chat, at the top we have a list that appears as «Archived«, Where we will not see anything related to those chats, being ideal to put there for example chats related to work while we are on vacation.

WhatsApp will go one step further in the coming months, since it is currently testing a function that, if we choose to activate it, will automatically archive any chat in which we have not had activity for six months. With this, the chats section will be cleaned up and we will not have everything full of conversations that we no longer use.

This last function does not appear yet or to beta users, but the new archived chats will start to reach all users in the coming weeks. At the moment, it is only available to beta users.