WhatsApp: how to get 120 types of fonts for the app


Today we will teach you how to get 120 types of fonts for WhatsApp. The current version of the messaging app for mobile devices brings a new function to archive your conversations and mute them, so that they never appear in your main inbox again.

While in WhatsApp It is possible to change the style of letters in the same app, there are several applications that will help you get a variety of fonts to be able to surprise your friends when you send them a text message.

It should be noted that to carry out this, it is necessary to have a third-party program installed on your cell phone, be it Android or iPhone.

The best of all is that this application that we will mention will not ask for your authorization to be able to access your personal information or all your content that you write in WhatsApp.


In order to change the letters or fonts of WhatsApp it is necessary to have to download a program that does not influence your chats or take data from your contacts or conversations:

  • To start you must have, on your Android cell phone, Stylish App.
  • This application can help you not only to change letters, but also to modify their color.
  • Now simply enable the option to appear in a bubble in case you write a message on WhatsApp.
  • Once that step is done, go to WhatsApp and write a message to someone.
In this way you can activate the change of your letters with this keyboard that works with WhatsApp.  (Photo: Stylish Text)
In this way you can activate the change of your letters with this keyboard that works with WhatsApp. (Photo: Stylish Text)
  • At that time, when you select the text, a bubble will appear next to your Stylish App.
  • Press it and you will be able to choose between an endless number of letters so that your message adopts a new style in WhatsApp.
  • Best of all, that change will not only be seen by you, but also by your friend or WhatsApp contact.
  • You can even change the color of the letters.

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