WhatsApp had a “secret update”? Find out if you were affected


It will be almost a week since WhatsApp implemented the new privacy policies. Users had a long debate about whether or not to accept the conditions of the company and, now that the waters calmed down, there is a certain detail that has the community concerned.

Users are reporting on social media that WhatsApp has made a secret update without prior consultation, precisely having predetermined that all contacts can add a person to a group. The setup is risky as it allows strangers to add any user to a scam pool.

Forbes magazine consulted with computer security expert Zak Doffman about the configuration change. He specified that the modification is not current, but was made in 2019.

“I checked WhatsApp on an iPhone and an Android device, both with the latest update, and there was no forced change in these settings “, he claimed.

Doffman recommended that users review the privacy settings of groups through WhatsApp to change the “All” option.

WHATSAPP | How to check the settings

The route is simple and you will not need third-party applications to do the configuration. Go to ‘Settings’ in WhatsApp, then go to ‘Account’ and choose ‘Privacy’ and ‘Groups’. Then you have to select one of the three options: ‘All’; ‘My Contacts’, which allows only users from the contact list to add to groups; o ‘My contacts except’, which provides control over which of the contacts you can add to a group.

“There has been no change in our configuration. In 2019 we added new controls for those who wanted to set limits on who could add them to groups “added the expert.

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