WhatsApp: everything you need to know about ‘Disappearance Mode’


WhatsApp has already put the batteries with more changes in the system to improve the privacy of users. It is the ‘Disappearance Mode’, a service that promises a little more security for those who feel short with the already available temporary messages.

The ‘Disappearing Mode’ of WhatsApp makes conversations disappear. It should be noted that the developers have not explained within how long the elimination of the chat would take place.

Experts assume that the main difference with temporary messages is the prompt that is implemented in the chat once the function has been activated. At the moment the messages are deleted, a warning in the conversation specifies that the user activated the self-destruct option and that for some reason he tried to hide something.

There is no official departure date for this show. WhatsApp to Apple Android and iOS devices. The new tool is expected to arrive in the next few weeks. Probably the function can be activated in the same way as the ‘Temporary messages’ from the chat window.

WHATSAPP | Data to take into account

The temporary messages, as well as in the future will be the Vanish Mode, are not without warning. The official website of WhatsApp recommends that you only use temporary messages with people you trust, as it is possible to forward the message or take a screenshot and save it before it disappears, copy and save the content of a temporary message before it disappears, or take a photo of a temporary message with a camera or other device before it disappears.

Regarding multimedia materials, the files sent in that chat will disappear, but will be saved on the smartphone if automatic download is activated. You can configure the automatic save option on the route Settings or Settings> Storage and data.

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