WhatsApp backs down: it will not leave without some functions those who do not accept its rules

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Despite having threatened to do so for weeks, WhatsApp has announced that finally it will not block any function of the app to users who do not accept the new rules of use and privacy.

WhatsApp will limit itself to reminding users of the need to approve its new privacy policy

WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Facebook, initially had one of its plans to delete the profiles of users who did not accept the new conditions, which came into effect on May 15.

After backing down at that point, the company limited itself to saying that it was going to constantly remind these users the need to approve the new rules. And he added that, in case “many weeks” passed without accepting the new policy of the app, it would begin to restrict some functions of WhatsApp.

The intention of the messaging app was to let users not accept the conditions without sending or reading messages, and allowing them to only receive calls by WhatsApp.

Now, after meeting with representatives of some governments and advocates of privacy on the Internet, the company has backed down at this point for now. WhatsApp will limit itself to reminding you, periodically, of the need to approve the data and privacy policy of the app. No one will be left without being able to use its functions.

The privacy conditions of WhatsApp have generated unrest in governments and users since its announcement last December. The company’s intention was for them to take effect in February, but the threat of a boycott by users caused it to be postponed until May. The Indian government last week threatened WhatsApp with sanctions if it did not withdraw its new privacy rules. In Turkey, the company has been forced to waive its new privacy rules.