What if Microsoft had designed macOS? The answer is macOS Redmond

macos redmond 1000x600.jpg
macos redmond 1000x600.jpg

Don’t worry, don’t put your hands on your head, macOS Redmond is not a real operating system, even if it looks like it, it’s about a conceptual design created by a content creator who has certainly managed to do a fantastic job that is loaded with greats, and has a strong touch of humor.

The first thing that strikes us about this macOS Redmond is the interface. We have the minimalist design and that touch of Fluent Design that characterizes Windows 10, and that is present in each and every one of the dock icons. Yes, the typical dock also appears, a hallmark of the well-known Apple system that, frankly, does not look bad with these icons.

At the top we have classic macOS elements that we all know, and an interface that maintains many of its features. However, as the video progresses we find great details that confirm that we are facing a hybrid design, before kind of a combination of macOS and Windows 10 which, in short, has served to give life to that macOS Redmond.

macOS Redmond

macOS Redmond: The Best, and the Worst, of Two Opposite Worlds

Among the genius that this conceptual design presents when joining Windows 10 and macOS we can highlight, for example, the transition of the Windows logo and the colors to minimize, enlarge and close, the notification center with “live tiles”, the “Inconsistent design” (inconsistent design), the new settings application and, of course, the nod to automatic updates, the existence of two applications to do the same thing and the blue screens of death in Windows 10.

If you pause the video for a moment at minute “0:36” and look at the “macOS Update” tile, you will see another unique reference, as a notice appears saying that “MacOS Redmond April 2021 Update support will end in May 2021”. In this case, we are facing a humorous criticism that seems to support those who believe that Microsoft should go from the two semi-annual updates to a single annual update.

Although it is a humorous video, the truth is that the result has been so good that it has left me wanting to try that macOS Redmond. Yes, I know that it is impossible, that Apple would never allow Microsoft to launch its own operating system for its line of Mac computers, but if this happened one day I am clear that it would have many things in common with macOS Redmond.