What are the persistent reminders that WhatsApp will show from May 15?

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Next Saturday comes one of the critical moments of WhatsApp in recent times because it will be the moment in which users have to decide whether to accept the new terms of service of the application, or they prefer to go to war by going to other alternatives. And the truth is that after a few somewhat confused weeks, due to the information that has emerged in many media, it is time to point out some things.

The first is that We will not be left without a WhatsApp account for not accepting these new conditions. Nobody will turn off the light of your chats, or delete them or anything like that. Now, yes, all those who think about it a lot and do not want to accept the new conditions first, will face a day to day full of what Facebook calls “persistent reminders.” And what is that?

If we don’t accept, more notice and shortened features

In recent weeks, messages have been appearing that remind us of those changes in WhatsApp. For now if we do not accept the new conditions, those alerts are shown spaced in time but once May 15th arrives, they will become persistent. This was announced by the application itself, where they tell us that after having “given everyone more time to review this information […] after several weeks, the reminder will become persistent. “

WhatsApp support.

WhatsApp support. WhatsApp

That means the alerts to accept will be displayed continuously and additionally will have consequences on the functionality of the application. As explained in the help center, “from then on, you will have limited access to WhatsApp features until you accept the updates. This will not happen to all users at the same time.” Now, what is it that we cannot do?

The answer is also on the WhatsApp blog, where they remember that you will not be able to “access your chat list, but you will be able to answer calls and video calls. If you have the notifications activated, you will be able to touch them to read or reply to messages, as well as to return missed calls or video calls. “Of course,” after a few weeks of limited functionality, you will not be able to receive calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone. “For simplicity, those rpersistent reminders They will be the prelude to a limitation in the use of WhatsApp from May 15, which will lead us either to accept the update or to go to other alternatives. What are you going to do?