VPS in Spain at the best price: what do you need it for?

vps barato en espana 1000x600.jpg
vps barato en espana 1000x600.jpg

Have you ever wondered how to find a cheap VPS at the best price? If the answer is yes, you are very interested in what we have to tell you, and if the answer is no, then most likely you have not yet considered all the uses that, whether for personal or professional use, you can give it to have your own virtual machine, at your service, and with 24/7 availability on the Internet.

Thus, perhaps the best thing is, before talking about how to find a cheap VPS, clarify concepts, because today you may already be paying for a service that offers you some of the functions that you could enjoy with a VPS, without knowing that with your own online infrastructure you could, for a much cheaper price than you might think, have so much more.

When we talk about servers on the Internet, we all think of huge cabinets full of high-performance systems, something that obviously does not come cheap. However, what not so many people know is that in the vast majority of cases, what is running on those computers are multiple virtual machine instances. This is done for various reasons, ranging from security (due to the isolation between the host and these virtual machines, as well as between them) to the maximum use of resources.

Thus, each of those instances that run on these machines is, by definition, a virtual server, and by hiring a cheap VPS lor that we obtain is a practically absolute control over said instance. In it we can install the operating system we want and, on it, put as many services as we need to work: from our own website to a Minecraft server to play with our friends. That virtual machine, that online server is ours and, therefore, we can use it in the same way as if we had a real server at home or in the office.

With certain differences, yes. If you have ever considered starting up your own server, you will already know that the cost of deploying it is high, as is the case with its operating costs (electricity consumption, maintenance, etc.) and, unless you make a huge investment , You will hardly be able to have at home all the security measures that a cold room offers (the room where the servers are housed in a data center): uninterruptible power supplies, term conditioning, redundant connectivity, and so on. Let’s be clear, the security conditions offered by a VPS service in Spain are not replicable in the home environment or in SOHO (Small Office-Home Office) environments.

Cheap VPS in Spain

And at this point you have to introduce an important nuance, which has already been mentioned above. There are people who confuse VPS with a hosting, a game server, a file storage service, etc.. All these services, of course, are executed on servers, but in all cases the control we have over these machines is very limited, since it is limited to the fact that, generally through a control panel or a specific interface, we can carry out the functions to use that service.

With a VPS, however, we will have full access to the virtual machine, in which we can deploy the operating system we want and, on it, we will launch the desired services. And yes, indeed, this means that if you have paid for several services up to now, such as web hosting, email and a Minecraft server to play with your friends, with a VPS you can deploy all those services on your personal server. and, in this way, reduce costs without giving up anything.

The problem is that many people still think that the cost of a VPS puts these services out of the reach of individuals, freelancers and small businesses. And it is a problem because it is a misperception, as you can see in the following image:

Cheap VPS

From just five euros a month, you can have a VPS in Spain, with which to meet those needs, whether personal or professional.

How does a VPS work?

Another widespread belief is that managing a VPS is very complicated. It is true and indisputable that it requires certain knowledge, but many of them are related to the management of the services installed on the server, not to its administration. And, in the case of a VPS service in Spain like the one offered by GINERNET, we will have a control panel from which we can carry out all the administration functions.

From the same it is possible to install, with a single click, several Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu) and, if you have another preference, it will be possible to install from an ISO image of the operating system, so there is no limitation in this regard.

Once the operating system is installed, it will only be necessary to deploy the desired services in it and, with own IP address assigned to the server, you can now access it, as well as share all the services you want with the people you want.

For professionals and companies, a cheap VPS is the best option, because it poses a huge cost reduction, to which must be added that avoiding investment in infrastructure substantially reduces capital expenditures (CapEx), allowing the adoption of the operating expenses (OpEx) model instead, which substantially facilitates economic planning, eliminates the need to calculate depreciation , etc. Without counting, of course, that it eliminates the entry barrier that, in many cases, the initial investment supposes.

In this context, in addition, we should not think that cheap VPS is synonymous with limitations. So It is essential to opt for a service that allows us to hire, if we need it, more IP addresses, protection against DDoS attacks, improvements in the contracted machine and others. In addition, having a VPS in Spain guarantees us the fastest access to your resources, something that can make a difference on many occasions.

And for individuals who, until now, had not considered it, a cheap VPS can also be an interesting alternative to any of the services they have contracted currently. For example, a Minecraft server ranges between 5 and 25 euros, depending on the processor, the amount of RAM, the type of storage medium and the connection speed. With a VPS in Spain, which offers SSD storage and high-speed connection, for that same or even for less money we can have a general-purpose server that, in addition to hosting our games, also allows us to maintain other services.

Thus, whether for professional or private purposes, a cheap VPS opens a world of possibilities that deserve to be valued. And it is that perhaps today you are already spending more money on other services that, with a VPS, you could have covered and also managed by yourself.