US fighter jet crashes in Britain

Us Fighter Jet Crashes In Britain.jpg
Us Fighter Jet Crashes In Britain.jpg

Search for wreckage continues, photo: file

London: A US Air Force fighter jet has crashed off the coast of Yorkshire during a training flight.

According to the International News Agency, the F-15 fighter jet “Sea Eagle” flying from the US Air Force base in the British city of Suffolk was cut off from the control room. There was a pilot on the plane on a routine training flight whose identity has not yet been revealed.

U.S. Air Force officials believe the plane crashed 74 nautical miles off the east coast of Yorkshire. Rescue agencies are conducting a search operation in the area to find the wreckage, with the help of British authorities Is.

A British Coast Guard spokesman told the media that helicopters and ships were being used to search for the crashed US Air Force plane. It is too early to say anything about the pilot.

It is to be noted that the fighter jet and the pilot involved in the accident are part of the wing of RAF, which consists of 48 jets of the United States, which is also the largest base of the US Air Force in Britain.