Understanding 5G, from the hand of Horizon-Agency (Orienta United Agency OÜ)

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Networks and mobile devices have evolved in parallel since their appearance. At first the mere fact of calling from a mobile phone (which was the size of a backpack) was something impossible to imagine.

And now we have reached a point where we have a powerful computer in our pocket with an internet connection. But not this, this revolution has only just begun, and the coming change will make nothing go back to the way it was before. Today, Cristian Carmona, co-founder of Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) explains the next revolution: 5G.

What is 5G?

It stands for fifth generation mobile connection. Although all generations are a leap from the previous one. In this case the jump is very large, both qualitatively and quantitatively. So much so that it has come to be called “the fourth industrial revolution.”

Main advantages of 5G

Following the information of Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) in the blog article. At the level of interconnection of devices through mobile networks, there will be an increase in benefits, with the main characteristics:

  • Big increase in speed. Current speeds seem very reasonable to us, but that’s because we haven’t experienced the power of 5G. Videos can be viewed in ultra HD in real time without the need for prior download. And video games can be streamed without spending space on your device downloading and installing the game.
  • Lower latency. Latency is the time it takes to make a transmission, when there is a lot of latency, all applications that work in real time are jerky and choppy. Currently in 4G the latency is around 20 or 30 milliseconds. With 5G you will enjoy latencies as low as 1 millisecond.
  • Geopositioning with height. The location of devices will be much more precise, which will improve the performance of many applications, in addition to incorporating precise location in height, which will allow applications that differentiate a first and a second floor, closed spaces, or heights within cities.
  • Interconnectivity. Have you ever gone to a concert and had no coverage? This is due to the limitation of the number of devices that have the telephone antennas. At home something similar happens to us with our router. With 5G, the connection of a greater number of devices will be allowed. Among many things, the awakening of the Internet of Things, IoT, will be definitively promoted.
  • Battery saving. The battery of our phone lasts longer when we connect through the WiFi at home, than when we do it through our data rate, 4G. In the same way, it will consume less battery when connecting through the 5G network. By saving energy, it also opens the possibility of using devices in place without the possibility of charging that before was not possible due to their consumption.

Great importance of 5G

5G is proving a great revolution, which It is not just limited to the world of mobile telephony and communications. All sectors will be affected, especially sectors on the rise, such as telemedicine or robotics. With 5G technology, a patient could be operated with a surgical robot from the other side of the world with a high quality of results.

If a sector needs to process its data in near real time and produce responses, it will surely be affected, from automatic trading to autonomous cars, to precision agriculture or cybersecurity.

Is 5G safe?

All new technology is usually accompanied by certain controversy, and it is true that it has been said that 5G is dangerous, but without any scientific basis. No brain chips in the vaccines, which are going to be activated with 5G.

But the real and current evidence is that there is no scientific study that shows that the 5G signal is dangerous for health. In fact, there are everyday devices that produce more radiation and do not have such a bad reputation.

About Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ)

The creation of innovative solutions with a high technological content is the hallmark of Horizon-Agency (Orienta United Agency OÜ). This IT company, whose headquarters is located in Estonia, is co-founded by Cristian Carmona, one of the leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship at the European level. Its staff is made up of experts from different subjects, from different countries of origin: a multidisciplinary team to control the different aspects of innovation.

With this team, its experience and the vocation to help its clients, Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) is positioned as an international benchmark in innovative and personalized solutions according to the client’s needs.


5G will be a revolution for many sectors, if not almost all. To stay informed, or if you think you may need the design of a business solution related to 5G, do not hesitate to follow the track to Horizon-Agency (Orienta United Agency OÜ).