Twitter Spaces now available to users with 600+ followers

twitter spaces now available to users with 600+ followers
twitter spaces now available to users with 600+ followers

Twitter has further rolled out its own Clubhouse variant for audio chats, Spaces, this week and made it available to all users with more than 600 followers. That number was chosen on the basis of experiences that Twitter has gained during the testing of Spaces. It shows that, due to their substantial following following, those users have a good experience hosting audio chats.

The intention to make available to wider Spaces, Twitter was in mid-March already publicized made. That was already happening via a Twitter Space. Until now, however, the audio chat could only be used for a few selected Tweeps.

How Spaces works

The moment someone you follow starts or joins a Space, a purple bubble appears at the top of the timeline in the Android and iOS app from Twitter. That bell remains visible for as long as the call lasts. If you are going to participate in a Space as a listener, you can react in different ways to what you hear with emojis. It is also possible to view pinned Tweets, follow the conversation via captions, tweet or DM the Space or ask to speak.

When you participate in a space as a speaker, you can not only talk, but also attach Tweets to the space and tweet the space so that your followers can participate. It is also possible to enable captions so that everyone can follow what you say.

Are you the one who creates a Space? Then you have control over who speaks, the subjects and the atmosphere. You can invite followers by tweeting them or sending them a DM.