Tuned, the Facebook couples app, now available on Android

tuned the facebook couples app
tuned the facebook couples app
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Tuned the Facebook couples app

The Tuned app, the experimental Facebook app for couples, has just been launched for Android users. Until now, the app could only be used, in the testing phase, on iOS, but now it has been updated with new functionalities for this operating system and arrives for the first time on Android tablets and smartphones.

Tuned emerged during the pandemic to help couples who were separated by confinement

Tuned is a private space where you can keep a closer communication with a very close person, especially the partner, when there is physical distance between them. The COVID-19 pandemic forced much of the world’s population to remain homebound. The need to express feelings for the couple, when they live far away, found its vehicle of expression in this application that was launched in the testing phase a year ago and that, in practice, is like a limited social network only to the members of the couple.

It is a development by NPE, an experimental group within Facebook, which with Tuned has tried to allow users to creatively express the love that exists in the couple and to share their moods privately. It is not an application to find a partner, but to consolidate and strengthen communication between an existing partner.

Tuned, the Facebook app

For this purpose, it offers a private feed as a scrapbook, allows you to connect the Spotify account to share songs, playlists, through the selection of a background color allows you to express your mood, offers the option to add stickers to comments in addition to allowing the sending of images, notes, cards, voice notes … All this facilitates the creation of an album that collects the special moments that are shared with the couple, in addition to serving to send reminders or even add content published on Facebook or Instagram.

From this week Android users can install this application for free. only requires phone numbers to identify users. In fact, it is not necessary for users to have a Facebook account.