Tinder will try to stop you from sending a “bad” message

tinder virtual dating
tinder virtual dating
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Tinder virtual dating

Tinder has announced that it will incorporate a new function that will try to prevent users from sending abusive or offensive messages through the most used dating app in the world.

Tinder will display warning messages to users that include bad words or inappropriate expressions

This will not only prevent you from losing the match with your crush, but its main purpose is to safeguard the security and privacy of the users of the application. From now on, Tinder will use Artificial Intelligence technology to detect inappropriate messages in messages.

When this new function detects a bad word or a phrase that could incite hatred, violence, or is the object of harassment, among other assumptions, Tinder will show the user a message asking if they are sure they want to send that text.

It is a function similar to the one that some social networks such as TWitter already have and that will begin to be applied to the profiles of the dating application in English, although the company plans to extend its use also to other languages, but has not indicated dates .

Tinder notice

According to Tinder, their Artificial Intelligence has been trained with messages that users had reported in the past to learn to recognize patterns and similar words. The objective, in addition, is that the AI ​​learns with the use and time, to perfect the tool.

In the tests that Tinder has carried out, it ensures that more than 10% of the users to whom it showed the warning message ended up discarding its sending, which has contributed to better communication through the platform.

This measure joins other actions already developed by Tinder in recent months in order to safeguard the safety of users, such as the launch of the “panic button”, available, for now, only for users in English.