TikTok increases its video limit from 60 seconds to 3 minutes

tiktok limite videos 3 minutos 1000x600.png
tiktok limite videos 3 minutos 1000x600.png

Being one of the platforms with the highest growth rate, there is no doubt that nowadays TikTok rises as the queen of social networks. And it is that the format of its short videos, its enormous amount of filters, and the great freedom offered by its volatility they were a huge breath of fresh air for users of all ages.

However, while this has been one of its greatest strengths, since late last year we have seen how the company has been testing a new expanded format, which the company has shared today, will begin to extend its availability to users around the world in the coming weeks, increasing the current time limit of its videos from 60 seconds to 180 seconds, allowing us to create clips of up to three minutes.

As explained by Drew Kirchhoff, product manager at TikTok, this change will pave the way for richer entertainment, «The creators are already well versed in weaving multi-part stories on TikTok, but often, we hear that they’d love to have a little more time to bring their cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational lesson plans, and comic shorts.«.

In fact, as we said, this function has gone through a small period of tests before, showing us the enormous potential that this extension of time represents for the social network, with some examples that have not taken long to go viral.

@ chowderthebulldogWe’re trying out TikTok’s new longer video format. Please let us know what you think. #fyp #bulldogtiktok #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #tipsandtricks

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On the other hand, as is always the case with this type of change, some detractors who think that this could destroy the essence of the social network have not been slow to emerge. Although it should be remembered that initially, TikTok videos started with a strong restriction of just 15 seconds, format that was considered equally popular until it was extended to the present minute.

And is that although some may now create longer videos, this does not necessarily mean that it is a measure that we must follow, thus now opening the range for the creation of unique content. Is this the new formula for success to maintain your leadership against newcomers Facebook Bars, Snapchat Spotlight and YouTube Shorts?