Three arrested for the cable car accident in Italy: they knew about the failure in the brake system

They are charged with intentional multiple manslaughter, negligent disaster and removal of tools to prevent workplace accidents.

Three people were arrested this morning for the fall of a cabin of the cable car that connects the towns of Stresa and Mottarone, in the Piedmont region, in northern Italy, and that caused 14 deaths, for being aware that one of the emergency brakes had been deactivated on purpose to solve an anomaly.

After several hours of interrogation, the arrests of Luigi Nerini, 56 years old, owner of the company “Ferrovie del Mottarone” that manages the cable car, as well as the director and the chief of operations of the cable car, were ordered. accused of intentional multiple homicide, disaster due to negligence and removal of tools to prevent workplace accidents, media reported.

The Verbania chief prosecutor, Olimpia Bossi, who is conducting the investigations, stated at the exit of the barracks where the interrogations were carried out that “the three detainees had status aware of failure in safety brake system for weeks. “

Already from the first inspections, the brake system seemed altered, since a fork in one of the emergency brakes had been manipulated to disable it because it was giving problems and it produced the continuous blocking of the cable car.

That is why last Sunday, when the steel cable in the accident cabin broke, the brake system did not work.

Bossi explained that the fork that keeps the brake shoes at a distance and that must block the support cable in case of breakage had not been removed to “avoid interruptions and blockages of the cable car”, since “the system had anomalies and would have required a more radical intervention, with a prolonged break in activity cable car “, so they decided not to fix it.

The investigations will continue this Wednesday with technical expertise at the scene, while, for the moment, there are no more people under investigation.

The Transport Minister of the Piedmont region, Marco Gabusi, reconstructed the accident by explaining that there are two braking systems if the cable breaks, but they did not work, and the cabin, which was five meters from reaching the station, ended gliding at more than 100 kilometers per hour and then flying more than 54 meters crashing to the ground and rolling another ten meters.

Meanwhile, the health status of five-year-old Eitan Biran, the only survivor of the accident in which his parents, brother and two of his great-grandparents died, is being closely monitored. this Tuesday he began to awaken from the induced coma and to respond “positively”, although their situation remains “critical”.

If he remains stable, Eitan could be extubated this Wednesday, according to the general director of the hospital complex in which he is admitted, Giovanni La Valle, who explained that the concern now is “complications not related to the neurological system, which is intact, but rather those that may arise as a consequence of polytrauma “.