This test will allow you to know your ideal digital profession

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The year 2020 has made clear the radical way in which our way of life can change at any moment. In this sense, the workplace has been one of those that has had to explore options to adapt to new realities. Thus, remote work became much more popular and many companies aim to maintain this mode for the future. This sign is important because it indicates that we should prepare for these new ways and an excellent way is through a digital profession.

In the next few years many forms of work will disappear and others will evolve. This evolution is projected towards the digital field for which we will surely have some competencies and this test that we will present below will help you to know which will be the best for you.

Discover the digital profession to which you best adapt

Barcelona Digital Talent home page

Barcelona Digital Talent home page

The fact that some forms of work disappear or evolve does not imply that we, as part of these, also do so. In this case, the main way is to adapt to the times and modalities to come, based on what we already know. Although we dedicate ourselves to other fields, it is likely that we have the necessary skills for a digital profession. For this reason, the people of Barcelona Digital Talent have created this test that will allow you to know in which digital area you would perform better.

Not only that, additionally, at the end of the test you will have the possibility of knowing much more about the area that your results produced.

Entry of the digital professions test

To access the digital professions test, everything will be a matter of following the link at the end of this article. Then, when entering the test, you will have to leave your name and email address to immediately begin answering the questions. These are based on your knowledge of some digital areas, your development in certain situations and preferences.

The results of this test will give you an orientation to the digital profession in which you could do well, as well as having very complete information about the activities in this field. If you want to prepare for the future in a profession with a field of work and demand, do not hesitate to take a look at this test.

To enter, follow this link.