This is Twitter Blue, the paid version of Twitter with extra features

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Twitter Blue, the paid version with extra features of Twitter, is closer to being a reality. Although the company has not yet officially announced its presentation, the option of in-app purchases has begun to appear in the Apple Store application store.

Twitter Blue is priced at $ 2.99 per month in the US and £ 2.39 in the UK.

As can be seen in the Apple Store in the United States, the price of Twitter Blue would be 2.99 euros per month. The price has also been shown in other countries, such as the United Kingdom, where it appears for 2.39 pounds.

However, the service is not active yet And, even if its price is shown, it cannot be contracted, so it may be a leak or that Twitter is finalizing the service options. The logical thing would be to make an announcement when it is fully available.

Thanks to the leak, it is now known that Twitter Blue will mainly provide three exclusive options for paying users, which would be the following:

Undo tweet: This option allows that, once a tweet has been sent, the user can choose whether to retract it and cancel its sending until the appropriate modifications are made.

Choose the color of the app: Currently the profile is displayed in the company’s corporate blue, but subscribers will be able to put their profile in yellow, red, purple, orange or green. They can also change the color of the app icon.

Reader Mode: This is a function to make it easier for users to read long texts. The company has not provided more details about this function at the moment, although it has not done so about any other.

In fact, we have knowledge of these functions thanks to the developer Jane Manchung Wong, who has managed to enter the code of the app and become the first subscriber to Twitter Blue. On his official Twitter account, he has shared his discoveries and images of the three exclusive options:

According to Jane Manchung, the paid version of Twitter did not end with advertising on the social network. According to the developer, so far, it has not appreciated a decrease in number of ads in your feed.