This is the new section of Google Photos to recover space


6 months ago Google announced the end of free unlimited storage on Google Photos. At that time we saw the deadline a bit far off, but June 1, 2021 is just around the corner. In this sense, the company, in favor of a simpler transition, has made available a new tool that allows you to recover space in Google Photos.

This new option provides the ability to get rid of blurry and faulty images, in order to get back that valuable space.

The new tool to reclaim space in Google Photos

Although Google announced the end of unlimited storage,also took important considerations for its users. In that sense, everything you store before June 1 will not be counted as part of your storage limit. Likewise, the company brought a tool that allows you to generate an estimate of the remaining time you have left in storage, based on the available space.

This is how now comes the possibility of recovering space in Google Photos, a great alternative for those who want to continue using the service and not exceed the free quota. What this tool offers is the elimination of photos and videos with defects, in order to make room for new material and avoid unnecessary expenses.

To access the new option to recover space in Google Photos, you must go to the backup and synchronization section. There, touch the option “Manage Storage” and this will take you to the tool to recover space in Google Photos.

Now just scroll to the “Review and Delete” section and you will be able to see the larger photos, the screenshots and also the blurry ones. The latter is the most interesting because you can get rid of faulty images. So you can save space in Google Photos and take care of your storage quota when it is no longer unlimited.