This is the first eSIM to support the fastest 5G

this is the first esim to support the fastest 5g
this is the first esim to support the fastest 5g

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The eSIM They are making their way to more and more mobiles. Currently most mobiles that incorporate eSIM also incorporate NanoSIMas there are many operators that do not offer eSIM yet. However, the future will go through not using physical cards, which will be more ecological and comfortable. And now, eSIMs catch up with SIMs with the first eSIM compatible with 5G SA.

This was announced today by OPPO, with the first 5G SA eSIM chip, and the first mobile that will equip it: the OPPO Find X3 Pro, which has been developed in collaboration with the leading connectivity company Thales.

5G SA on an eSIM card: OPPO takes the lead

ESIM cards, unlike SIM cards, are directly integrated into devices. Thanks to this, changing operators is much easier, where you only have to scan a QR code and you do not have to receive anything at home, so we make sure that we are not going to be without service during the portability process.

However, the eSIMs that mobile phones included until now were not compatible with 5G SA, and OPPO will be the first manufacturer to include it. The 5G SA It is the most advanced, and what can be called “real” 5G, using new infrastructure and antennas.

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The 5G NSA, which is the most widely deployed today, connects using 5G between the antenna and user devices, but then relies on the existing 4G network to communicate on the operator’s networks, so it does not you can enjoy all the improvements in terms of latency or speed that 5G offers. The 5G NSA serves as a transition while the 5G rollout continues to grow today.

OPPO has been working on eSIM for years

OPPO has chosen Thales for being the leader in eSIM hardware and connectivity management platforms, as it is currently responsible for the management of 200 operator and manufacturer management platforms. Both companies had previously collaborated, where the OPPO Watch already includes a company eSIM, and now they collaborate to implement the first 5G SA compliant eSIM From the market.

OPPO has been researching and developing the technology eSIM since 2018, and they were ahead of companies like Apple in the inclusion of 5G eSIM chips in mobiles. In the case of Apple, the company incorporated the possibility of using 5G this year, also being compatible with eSIM cards.

Luckily for users, the turning on of 5G networks has not forced SIM card changes, since the same ones that are valid for 4G also work correctly with 5G. With the eSIM and a slot for normal SIM we also have the advantage of being able to enjoy Dual SIM with a single slot, which is even more comfortable if it catches us on a trip at some point and we want to have coverage with an operator in the country and also be able to receive calls or messages to our number.