This is Pixlr, one of the most complete and easy-to-use online photo editors

pixlr photo editor
pixlr photo editor
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Pixlr photo editor

On the Internet you can find countless free photo editing programs, but most of them have few functionalities, do not support many formats and may even add a watermark to the images you edit with them.

However, there are also simple to use online tools, ideal for those who do not have great knowledge of photo retouching, that allow you to obtain a professional result and for free. It is the case of Pixlr, the editor that we use at TreceBits to shape the photographs you see on our website, change the size of the images, crop them, and so on.

To use Pixlr you just have to go to their website and you can use a totally free version with all the features you need. If you wish, you can also purchase a subscription to avoid, for example, seeing ads during your editing process.

When accessing, you will be able to choose between using Pixlr E, the most advanced version of the editor, with functionalities similar to Photoshop and other expensive editing programs but extremely intuitive and easy to use, or Pixlr X, a reduced version with the main functions you will need to leave your images ready.

Pixlr Editor

Both versions of Pixlr use Artificial Intelligence to make your task easier when editing your photos. You can upload any image, practically in all formats, to retouch it with its filters, add layers, include fonts … and later save it in the format you want. You can also start with a canvas from scratch and create your own compositions.

In addition, this year Pixlr has been completely renewed and has included many new features to make editing an even easier exercise and with professional results. These are some of the new features included in the new Pixlr 2021:

-Interface redesign: Now Pixlr has a much easier to use interface, with direct access to all the functionalities, recommended templates and all the projects you have already done, so that you can directly access all the functions you need.

Capture Pixlr

-Faster editing: Now Pixlr allows you to use all its tools much faster, select several layers, copy and paste in the same project or in another … In addition, new functionalities are incorporated and also an image bank where you can find inspiration for many of your designs, as well as more than 7,000 stickers and 5,000 fonts to unleash your imagination.

-Practical use of Artificial Intelligence: Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, you can now remove the background from any photograph up to 10 times faster, without wasting time retouching parts that have not been removed. It is a much more precise tool and you can use your images to create more striking compositions or add other backgrounds that are more attractive.

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-Templates: If you want to create images and creatives from scratch, with Pixlr you will save a lot of time since it already incorporates templates adjusted, for example, to the measurements of images on social networks. Thus, if you want to create, for example, a design for an Instagram Story, you will not have to worry about the size that the image must have to be optimized, just select the template and dedicate yourself to creating the content within those established measures.

-New features: If you want to surprise with your designs, you can try two new functions in Pixlr X that are sure to attract attention. One of them is Glitch Studio, which generates variations of your photographs with artistic, retro effect, with TV interference … and many more. On the other hand, Focus Studio allows you to add patterns, gradients … to give more life to your images.

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How much does it cost to use Pixlr?

Pixlr is a free online editor that gives you access to Pixlr X and Pixlr E and basic editing tools, with a limited set of stickers and overlays, and with advertising.

If you do not want to have advertising and have access to more functionalities, you can hire the Premium service, which gives access to more editing tools with Artificial Intelligence and thousands of templates, more than 7,000 icons, 5,000 texts …

But if you want to have all the possible tools, do not hesitate to hire the Creator Pack, with which you will have free access to Stock Content (more than

10 million graphics, templates, fonts, photos, video and 3D files), extensive editing tools with Artificial Intelligence, 28,000 additional overlays, 7,000 extra icons / stickers, 5,000 decorative texts, 18,000 assets, templates, more image resolution, Legal guarantee, exclusive video tutorials and Premium support 24/7. All this from only 29.9 euros per month.

Why use Pixlr?

These that we have discussed are just some of the features of Pixlr, but it has many more that we invite you to discover. For our part, we are going to tell you the reasons that lead us to use this online photo editor.

On the one hand, we highlight above all the simple use of the program, which can be accessed through the Internet and free of charge. Furthermore, without needing technical editing knowledge, you will be able to take advantage of the multiple functionalities that this photo editor has and obtain very professional results.

In addition, you can edit photos and also create your own compositions from scratch, with numerous templates that will make your work easier and with hundreds of filters, effects, fonts … with which you will undoubtedly attract attention.

For us it is also important that the images can be saved, once edited, in a variety of formats, and also modify their weight and resolution in a simple way, thus optimizing them for use on the web.

Surely with Pixlr you get more out of your images whatever the use you are going to give them. Access their website and see how easy it is to edit your photos online and obtain an amazing result.