This is NewNew, the app that allows you to control the lives of others

new app newnew
new app newnew
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New App NewNew

Imagine that you can decide what sport your favorite influencer is going to do today, or what television show they are going to watch … or even ask them to do something special for you, like dedicating a special song or greeting someone on their birthday.

NewNew allows you to control other people’s decisions

That is the philosophy of a new app already in beta called NewNew, created by the entrepreneur Courtne Smith, and that will allow you – upon payment, that is – to make decisions about the lives of other users. The approach seems to be taken from a science fiction movie or an episode of the Netflix series “Black Mirror”, but if we look at the way this app works, its proposal is tremendously current.

NewNew users will be able to create a profile and launch “polls” to their followers, offering them different options. For example: «What do I order for dinner tonight? Chinese food, pizza or sushi. The followers will be able to choose the option that they most want the person they follow to do, that is, by paying a small amount of money (a few cents of a euro) to vote.

Once the voting is closed, the owner of the profile must do what their followers have decided – and publish evidence of it – and in return, you will receive all the money raised (If for example 1,000 people vote, it can be a succulent amount of money) minus a percentage that is the commission that NewNew stays.

It is not unreasonable to think that users who become “influencers” on this platform can generate large amounts of money, especially if they are very popular media characters. But it will not be the only option they will have to monetize their presence in NewNew, because in addition to the surveys they can also receive challenge proposals from other users.

For example, if you want a specific person to shave to zero, you can offer him a certain amount of money therefore, always exceeding a minimum amount of $ 20. If you accept and do it, you will pay for it. If you don’t accept it, you won’t have to pay anything.

With this payment system, you will be able to “control” what other users of this social network do, which is already in the beta phase – at the moment the official launch date is unknown – and which is described as a “human market where you buy actions on the real life of people, controlling their decisions. Currently, it only has 100 users, but as access to the application opens, it could become a new social phenomenon. What do you think?.