This is how the new WhatsApp Web feature works to speed up voice memos

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2021 05 21 15 40 04.jpg

Voice memos little by little became the favorite way of communicating for many users. However, they also got out of control and became very long, so the possibility of increasing their speed came. However, WhatsApp has recently landed in its version for Android and now, it is time to speed up voice notes in WhatsApp Web.

The new feature has started to roll out and will be of great help to those who do not yet have it, such as iOS and some Android devices.

You can now speed up voice memos on WhatsApp Web

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Those who usually use Telegram have known the honeys of speeding up voice notes for quite some time. However, in WhatsApp it is something that is just beginning to unfold and is not available to everyone. When we communicate with people who base their messages on voice memos, speeding them up is a necessity that we can have immediately, especially when they are very long. In that regard, the feature has landed on WhatsApp Web and it works quite well.

In this way, to speed up voice memos on WhatsApp Web, first start playing it. You will immediately see how a number 1 will appear in the person’s profile photo. If you touch it, then a 1.5 will appear and if you touch it once more, a 2. will appear. As this happens the voice note will increase its speed.

In this way you will be able to listen to voice messages in 1x, 1.5x and 2x, accessing the WhatsApp version of the browser. This is a great feature that has long deserved to be on WhatsApp and that is now slowly starting to roll out in all its versions. So far it would only remain to be available on iOS and WhatsApp Desktop for Mac, although there is no specific date for this.