This is how Tesla’s FSD overcomes a crazy night journey full of obstacles

This is how Tesla's FSD overcomes a crazy night journey full of obstacles
this is how tesla's fsd overcomes a crazy night journey

Elon Musk announced a few days ago the company’s intention to bring its full self-driving (FSD) to many more owners, in those territories where these driving aids can be put into practice (as they are called in Europe) and that carry alone the car from one point to another without problems. As you can see in the video that you have a little below.

And look that in recent months we have seen videos of this FSD demonstrating all its virtues and, above all, the extraordinary levels of security It seems to adopt in each maneuver it performs, but perhaps today’s example is the best possible culmination for a technology that Tesla has been fine-tuning for many months with the aim of having it practically finished and distributed among its customers throughout this year.

At night and avoiding obstacles like nothing

Today’s example features a Tesla Model 3 that has version 8.3 of the North American software installed, and which is one of the most celebrated by Elon Musk himself on social networks in recent days. And it does not surprise us, because the test that this car has passed has a lot of merit, despite the reluctance of the driver, that in his message on Twitter he even confessed that he had done “something” on it when he saw what the car was capable of “without any intervention […] I could not believe it!”.

Craziest FSD video of the night !!! 🤯CHESTNUT STREET EXTREME STRESS TESTI seriously shit my pants when I saw it do this without any interventions! I couldn’t believe it. Jaw on the floor.This is very bullish 😱 @elonmusk

– Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) March 14, 2021

Effectively, the video is really shocking because you see the car taking action with extraordinary determination, dodging suddenly appearing obstacles and following the path marked by the navigator with astonishing security. In addition, to make things more complicated, the driver risked doing all these tests at night, which gives the feat a little more merit if possible.

Video is a perfect example for check how the FSD behaves in low visibility situations, four-way intersections, pedestrians walking close to cars and even streets with double-parked vehicles that always cause small traffic jams in those locations with only one lane in each direction. The Tesla Model 3 was able to overcome all these inconveniences with note, taking the driver from point to point without intervening once. Of course, it remains to be seen that, when the technology and autonomous systems are ready, tested and confirm their safety, let us be the drivers who are really prepared for something like that. Do not?