This 25.3-inch monitor is unique in the world: it uses electronic ink

This 25.3-inch monitor is unique in the world: it uses electronic ink
this 25.3 inch monitor is unique in the world: it uses

This 25.3-inch monitor is unique in the world: it uses electronic ink

While most manufacturers seek to offer their customers increasingly bright displays, with more colors and better definition … Dasung takes a different path. The Chinese company has presented a most peculiar monitor: it works with electronic ink. This means huge energy savings, better readability and less fatigue. But, at the same time, important limits.

Dasung is a Chinese company that over the last few years has manufactured different screens with which to reduce eye fatigue. The biggest they had so far was a 13.3 screen, but now they seem to have doubled that. The new Dasung Paperlike 253 has a total of 25.3 inches and it’s a regular monitor … until you turn it on.


The alternative to the LCD monitor

Dasung’s Paperlike 253 is a monitor with a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels and a traditional 16: 9 aspect. In addition, it allows you to adjust the refresh rate. Of course, it will not be anywhere near the height of the refreshment of LCD screens, as it is something inert of electronic ink.

The screen also limits, for example, other functions such as night use. And is that the monitor does not have a backlight, so it will have to be used only during the day or with an external light projecting on the monitor. The manufacturer also indicates that you can choose between three modes of use: text, graphics and videos. In each of these modes the monitor is optimized (for example with more or less refreshment frequency) to offer the best possible visualization.

In a demonstration video of the company we can see how it has a particularly high refresh rate to be an electronic ink screen. The company indicates that they have achieved this thanks to an internal engine called Turbo that powers the refreshment of electronic ink.

The other big limitation? It’s a grayscale monitor, it is not possible to display colors. Although we already have color electronic ink technology, it is not yet developed enough to include it in such large screens or with such a refresh rate.

At the moment the monitor is being financed through Indiegogo to be sold internationally. The company has far exceeded its funding target and expects to ship the first units in August of this year. Yes indeed, priced from $ 2,000 up.