These new antennas allow you to have 5G coverage inside the house

these new antennas allow you to have 5g coverage inside
these new antennas allow you to have 5g coverage inside


The 5G coverage map of our country has more and more points that offer this type of connection to the clients of the main operators such as Movistar, Orange, Vodafone or Yoigo. However, the great pending issue, as it has also been with 4G, is to offer good performance indoors, or at least offer some coverage. This is solved with the use of lower frequencies, for which the 700 MHz that will be auctioned shortly have been released. This is not always enough, and some companies or individuals may have to resort to placing indoor antennas or femtocells to have coverage inside. Today we know the new Nokia Smart Node, antennas that allow you to have 5G coverage inside the home.

Users tend to think that they can use their mobile in the same way on the street as inside a business or at home. This is not the case because the walls of the buildings and other elements weaken the signal as we enter a building. One of the solutions that have appeared as a result of this problem are the femtocells, It’s basically a small base station in size and power, designed for home or business use. This is usually connected to the fixed broadband connection to provide coverage.

This is Nokia Smart Node

In the hyper-connected society we live in, we cannot afford to go offline or at least not receive a quality connection anywhere. WiFi in homes and businesses is usually a good alternative, but in public places it is not highly recommended due to its security issues. For that reason, some establishments choose to install femtocells to improve indoor coverage.

One of the latest products to hit the market are antennas Nokia Smart Node with a new solution capable of offering 4G and 5G connectivity indoors for homes and small businesses. They are very compact and install quite easily. In addition, they are compatible with 5G NSA and 5G SA, which guarantees that we will be able to use them for many years. They will go on sale during the last quarter of this year.

Its technical characteristics tell us about the possibility of offering LTE and 5G, up to 32 simultaneous users, 5G with frequencies below 6 GHz, ready for NB-IoT or CAT-M and other series of security and traffic management functions.