There is already a date for the arrival of the beta of the Tesla FSD in Europe, do you know when?

Tesla vehicle driving on the road.
there is already a date for the arrival of the

Tesla vehicle driving on the road.

Regardless of small adjustments in their models, in prices and in the announcements of new vehicles, to Tesla and, more specifically, to Elon Musk, what brings you down the street of bitterness is the launch of the FSD (full self driving) of its cars, that autonomous driving technology that will allow all its vehicles to circulate alone on the streets of the world, with hardly any human intervention.

And do not think that this impulse to have it as soon as possible meets only a need to put it in the hands of all its customers (which too), with the business that this is going to entail, but because the Australian is convinced that the first brand that reach the market with a viable, safe and certified technology by practically all authorities in the world, you will have a decisive advantage in the intelligent future that is venturing over the horizon.

It will arrive in Europe this year

That FSD not only means going from one place to another without practically making a single decision about the driving of the vehicle, but an infinite range of business services linked to autonomous driving: robotaxis, driverless cargo trucks traveling on the roads, etc. A huge cake that right now doesn’t seem to have an owner.

The point is that that beta of the FSD, already enjoyed by North American owners since last year of Tesla cars, is going to make the leap to Europe, as Elon Musk has published on his official Twitter account. Although that moment remains a secret, at least he has been able to adjust those dates to limit them to next summer. It will be then (or so he hopes) when the owners of these EVs can access the company’s testing program.

Right now the beta of Tesla’s FSD is in version 9, which It is the one that has brought a substantial improvement in the maneuverability of cars on the streets from the interior of cities. It must be taken into account that one of the great challenges of this technology has been to allow the car to come and go through urban centers safely, guessing obstacles, avoiding works or temporary signs as well as everything related to traffic lights, crossings, etc. .

So important is this FSD for the company, that Elon Musk, in one of the last shareholders’ meetings went so far as to say that “I have no doubt that with a solution of pure vision, we can make a car much safer than the average driver […] but it is a difficult problem because we are actually solving something quite fundamental about artificial intelligence, [que es su] vision of the real world ”.