There are no two without three: Samsung prepares a Galaxy Fold folding tablet with triple screen

TCl, foldable device with triple screen.
there are no two without three: samsung prepares a galaxy

TCl, foldable device with triple screen.

When in 2019 Samsung presented its first smartphone model with a folding screen, they already warned that this was only the beginning, that carrying a phone capable of getting bigger in your pocket was only the beginning and that we would end up seeing it as normal from now on. of the following years. Koreans have not been the only ones to venture into this terrain and, how could it be otherwise, these devices are already beginning to make the leap to other categories.

This is the case of tablets, another of the places where we can expect novelties with folding modelss that you can carry more tucked into a pocket or smaller purse No longer will you have to go with the 13-inch screen wide open everywhere. So according to some media, 2022 could be the year of the premiere of that new range.

Instead of two, three screens

The idea that Samsung has in mind is llaunch a new Galaxy Fold model for next year, but to which they will add the tablet brand of the house, that is, that “Tab” that since 2011 they have been using as a distinctive. In addition, to differentiate themselves from their smartphone relatives, the Koreans have decided to go one step further by splitting the panel into three folding parts, in the style of the one designed by TCL and that you have as the opening image of this article.

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.

The same sources speak of This Galaxy Fold Tab will be much thinner than usual and it could include some kind of compatibility with the S Pen Of the brand. All a declaration of intentions that the same is revealing Samsung’s plans to fill the gap that, very presumably, the Galaxy Note will leave from this year, when it is already predicted that there will not be a new model on the market.

Precisely, the new S Pen of the brand has all the ballots to end up landing in the next folding model that Samsung will present for the second half of the year. The future Galaxy Z Fold 3 could be compatible with it and, in this way, fill the gap left by the Galaxy Note, one of the most emblematic phablets (which were called in its time) in the recent history of smartphones. At the same time, it must be taken into account that the Galaxy Tab are one of the most successful ranges of tablets within the Android scene, and one of the few that remain year after year competing with Apple’s iPad. A change in direction by adding folding screens could be a good way to go to differentiate itself even more.