The technological experience at Casa Batlló

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captura101 1 730x445.jpg

On many occasions, technology is integrated into museums to offer surprising experiences. It is something very common in science museums, or in some specialized in the subject, such as the Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Japan. I recently saw him personally on a tourist visit where I did not expect so many surprises.

I am talking about the new experience that can be lived in the Casa Batlló, Barcelona, a route where the history, architecture, design and technology they go hand in hand at all times, showing the genius Gaudí, trying to enter his brain to experience it in an unprecedented way.

Lights, sounds and smells

Casa Batlló

Already in the waiting queue it is possible to enjoy holograms so as not to get bored, but the surprising begins in the first room, very dark, under the floor. It is difficult to describe it in words, but, to give you an idea, we have a sculpture in the center, of Gaudí on a chair leaning on a table. Lights constantly reflect on the statue while the sound and image coming out of the walls, from dozens of screens, hypnotize the visitor who stands still while a tape automatically takes him around the room.

But they are not only lights, images and sound, there are also smells that change depending on where we are.

Presence sensors, high definition screens and a lot of art, a good way to start the visit. You can see it better in this tweetAlthough it is one thing to see it online, it is another thing to feel it there:

Impressive experience at Casa Batlló, Barcelona. A good way to unite art and technology# casabatlló @HouseBatlloGaudi

– WWWhatsnew (@wwwhatsnew) May 31, 2021

Pictures and animated mirrors

I leave the initial room and begin the route through the house, where there is “magic” everywhere. Since pictures that are animated when you get in front, to footprints that appear up the stairs. They work with a solution of augmented reality that will allow to see virtual objects on the visible ones, as well as doors that will transport the visitors to an “aquatic” version of the living room of the house. In fact, they have everything prepared to go further, they could personalize the experience depending on who is in front, since when wearing the audio guide, Casa Batlló knows who is in front of each area. This audio guide communicates with infrared with the different areas of the house, so that the house “knows” at all times where we are and what it can offer us.

Here you have some of the “ghost” footprints:

Traces “ghosts” on the # casabatlló @HouseBatlloGaudi, in Barcelona

– WWWhatsnew (@wwwhatsnew) May 31, 2021

The animation of the pictures has been done very carefully, hiring actors very similar to the Batlló family so that the animation is as realistic as possible. Each painting is a surprise, as well as each mirror. One of the mirrors, for example, shows an animated scene of the room we are in, and it only appears if we position ourselves correctly so that the optical effect be perfect.

Here you have another short video showing some of the examples of animated pictures and videos:

Pictures and mirrors that come to life in the # casabatlló @HouseBatlloGaudi

– Barcelona

– WWWhatsnew (@wwwhatsnew) May 31, 2021

But they are not only videos and presence sensors, are systems that are constantly measuring the interest of users in each area and statistics to improve the experience.

The fire escape

Something that particularly caught my attention is the design of the fire escape, a ladder that is now transformed into a work of art. The idea of ​​it is to avoid claustrophobia with the possibility of seeing what is behind these “walls”, made with chains that hang creating impressive effects of light and color.

batlló house

batlló house

batlló house

Multimedia immersion

Now imagine being in a room where walls, floor and ceiling, with synchronized microLED screens, offer the feeling that we are in the air, flying while scenes surround us. These scenes are calculated by an artificial intelligence system that has been studying thousands of images of Gaudí to interpret and show him in a truly authentic way.

Shadows of the holy family are mixed with images of the Casa Vicens, with the letter of the genius, with letters, plans and works that constantly circulate around us in an impressive play of lights, colors and sounds.

Here you have a brief sample, although, I repeat, watching a recorded video must be like seeing the shadows in Plato’s cave.

Impressive multimedia experience to end the visit in # casabatlló @HouseBatlloGaudi

Walls, ceiling, floor … All full of synchronized Led screens

– WWWhatsnew (@wwwhatsnew) May 31, 2021

It is truly a pleasure to see how technology is able to excite at this level. Congratulations to all the professionals who have carried out this project after years of preparing it.