The six best Aldi specials flying off the shelves this summer

the six best aldi specials flying off the shelves this
the six best aldi specials flying off the shelves this

This week’s Aldi shopping specials have a different summer feel.

The nonessential in-between offering may only have reopened in recent weeks, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fantastic array of summer treats for you to get your hands on.

While the sun may be a distant memory for some given the weather in recent weeks, Aldi has you covered with lounge chairs, grills, and storage tables in case the sun finally decides to make an appearance this summer.

These are some of the best options on offer at the German retail giant right now.

2-in-1 grill and brazier

The fire pit comes with a grill plate and a stainless steel wok with a wooden handle. All essentials are included, like barbecue tongs and spatula.

It will be available in stores on May 27 and will cost € 249.99.

Reclining sun lounger

For those sunny days when you just want to relax in the garden, the recliner is a must-buy.

The reclining lounger costs € 39.99. It’s made of durable material with removable pillows and comes with a three-year warranty. It will also be in store on May 27.

Aluminum sunshade

As we all know, the summer weather in Ireland is unpredictable at best. So the aluminum umbrella on sale this Thursday for € 29.99 would be a smart buy for the summer.

Garden umbrella

If you are looking to protect yourself from the sun, then the garden umbrella for € 21.99 is a must. Not only is it protected against UV rays, but it is also waterproof. Two birds with one stone.

Rattan effect storage table

A table for eating and drinking is always important if you are outside enjoying the weather. Aldi has you covered. The rattan-effect storage table can also be used as a serving tray and can be yours for € 24.99.

Milk warmer / frother

For those who enjoy coffee to go, they can recreate that same delicious frothy milk at home with the milk warmer / frother for € 29.99. It comes in three colors, black gray or white.

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