The secret is revealed: this is how the interior camera of a Tesla controls the driver’s attention

The secret is revealed: this is how the interior camera of a Tesla controls the driver's attention
the secret is revealed: this is how the interior camera

Having a camera permanently looking into the interior of a car, especially when we are certain that it is connected and everything that it sees, one day, will end up in the hands of someone who will have to analyze it, it is not a dish of good taste and that is why since Tesla they have been very careful to analyze this material freely without consent owner’s express.

That Tesla vehicle camera, which Elon Musk came to say on Twitter was there just to monitor the behavior of future passengers of the robotaxis they hope to distribute when their famous FSD (full self drive) is a reality (autonomous), has always been a part of the American vehicle landscape although it has not been until the last few months when it has really taken shape and true utility.

What does the driver do while driving?

It has been an owner who has wanted to see to what extent that anti-wildness camera did not have other functions related, precisely, to the FSD, if only to control what the driver is doing at all times. And the results are surprising because they show that its location facing the interior of the vehicle It also seeks to guarantee the safety of all passengers.

This user has been testing the interior camera to check to what extent it is aware of the driver’s attention regarding what happens on the road, putting and removing elements that could distract the artificial intelligence behind the entire system. There is a time when he even goes so far as to place photographs of Elon Musk himself to get data what that camera interprets about.

The result is very interesting because it reveals that the camera knows when the driver is looking at the road, as it is able to follow the path of the eyes and, therefore, know if you are attending, and even asleep, to later launch some kind of alert that forces you to regain your attention to what is happening during the journey.

In any case, there are those who are suspicious and distrustful of having a camera permanently focused towards the interior of the car, which has caused, for example, that the Chinese army has prohibited the access of these vehicles to its facilities. As a result of that decision, the brand recalled that “vehicles used by Tesla users do not violate user privacy through the vehicle’s camera ”. As always happens in these cases, believing something like that or not will be a matter of trust and pure faith. No?