The scam app is finally removed from the App Store

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42239 81920 app store header xl.jpg

The iOS scam app that forced users to leave a positive rating before using it managed to pass Apple’s strict post-app review process. Although it has since been removed from the App Store

The scam application that forced you to give 5 stars to use it is finally removed from the App Store

The app, called UPNP Xtreme, was intended to allow users to stream videos to their television. However, as soon as the application opens after installation, it requires a review before it even works.

As seen by the app developer and scam advocate Kosta Eleftheriou, the app would open a review dialog as soon as it was opened. However, the box could not be dismissed without leaving a review that was between three and five stars.
The review behavior directly violates Apple’s App Store guidelines; that prohibit developers from “displaying an application review immediately when a user starts their application.”

More than that, Apple’s Reviews API would not allow developers to force a review out. So the developer of the scam app seems to have praised the standard developer tools. In a later tweet, Eleftheriou said that the strange functionality was the result of a “trick” that is “extremely easy for any developer to do.”

According to Eleftheriou, the developer of the scam app has more than 15 million downloads and reportedly makes millions in revenue.

This is not the first scam app Eleftheriou has discovered – the app developer has published a large number of scam apps in the past. While truthfully criticizing Apple’s app review process. In March, Eleftheriou sued Apple for allegedly enabling the scam app problem.