The Realme Watch 2 is now official, boasts more battery and a revamped design

The Realme Watch 2 is now official, boasts more battery and a revamped design
the realme watch 2 is now official, boasts more battery

Smart watches are no longer an exclusive product and today practically those who do not have one are because they do not want to. We find them in stores starting at seven or eight euros, and especially Asian mobile and technology manufacturers have managed to occupy the market niche of the cheapest wearables, as well as complete ones. This is the case of Realme, the currently growing mobile manufacturer in Europe, which has launched the second generation of its smartwatch in Asia. Its about Realme Watch 2, a well balanced phone in which we will not have to spend a lot of money.

This is the new Realme Watch 2

A watch of the price that has this is normal is that it does not stand out for its screen, since as in the case of this model they have color LCD technology and a limited resolution, in this case of 320×320 pixels. Its size is 1.4 inch. In it we will be able to access notifications from the different apps, incoming calls, and ultimately, all the information about our physical activity that we generate on a daily basis. A screen that has a rectangular design, and that reminds us a lot of the Apple Watch, in fact the strap pins are now larger and have a more traditional format that conveys a greater sense of quality.

The new smartwatch charging Realme

This watch has a heart rate sensor, which can make monitoring our pulse 24 hours a day. We also have one of the most demanded functions in this segment, such as the monitoring of the saturation of the blood oxygen levels, something that in times of COVID can provide key information about our health. It can also monitor how healthy our sleep is. One of the main novelties is that we now have a larger battery, which provides more autonomy.

The Realme Watch 2 is waterproof Realme

This is 315mAh, and offers up to 12 days of operation on a single charge. Nowadays, more sports activities are also monitored, up to ninety, among which we find some quite exotic and rare, so it is a great point in their favor. It has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to stay connected efficiently and with the highest possible signal quality. Its weight is only 38 grams, so we will not even know that we are wearing it. It has been put up for sale at the moment in Malaysia, where it arrives with a price of 45 euros to change. It is expected that this model will be released in Spain in the coming weeks.