The prosthesis that adds a second thumb

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captura141 730x401.jpg

Having six fingers on one hand can be very useful, even if you run the risk of being persecuted by Iñigo Montoya for years and years.

That is what the designer of a prosthesis that allows us to include a second thumb in one hand thought, offering new possibilities that we quickly showed on our TikTok a few days ago.


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It’s not really anything new, it was an invention by Dani Clode from 2017, who was a graduate student at the Royal College of Art in London at the time.

He created a 3D printed prosthesis that could be attached to the side of the hand and connected to a bracelet with cables and servos. The user controls it by means of pressure sensors that are placed on the feet, on the soles.

That’s right, by pressing the foot down, the thumb closed after receiving a Bluetooth signal to the corresponding bracelet, something that requires practice for proper synchronization.

It was just a prototype, it didn’t become a final product, but it let the imagination run wild with what we might do in the future.