The Maker Faire Galicia will be held 100% online from June 2 to 6, more international and media

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The Maker event that we cannot miss will have a 100% online edition this year, in a virtual Gaiás Museum, and it will be quite powerful in terms of content. Is 7th edition of the Maker Faire Galicia It will be held from June 2 to 6, and in it we will be able to see 60 projects from 7 different countries, being possible to speak live during the event thanks to an agenda system so that visitors and makers can organize their meetings before the event.

We will have important speakers in the sectors of biotechnology, video games and technology in general, such as César de la Fuente, known for developing a low cost test to detect COVID-19.

When it comes to video games we will have Keisha Howard and Jon Hare. Keisha has already given two TED talks, is a well-known activist for inclusion and diversity in the industry. Jon is one of the best known Game Makers in Europe, he made Parallax and Sensible Soccer.

This year we will have the possibility to attend the Game Maker Jam, a competition in which there are only 48 hours to create video games (it will end on Saturday).

We can also see Valeria Corrales, a 12-year-old minimaker from Huesca. It became known in the latest edition of the most famous talent show in the world, and we will be able to see it in the educational day on Friday, June 4.

On the same day, we will have four discussion tables that will address topics such as the education of the future, gamification, maker spaces or learning communities, where we will see professionals from different countries giving their opinions on various issues.

Unmissable will also be the first EDU Open Space, where attendees will propose questions and topics to be discussed, always on the education sector.

Regarding workshops, topics related to Artificial Intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity and blockchain will be seen, as well as an ideal workshop for those who are thinking of opening a company.

You can get more information at, registration is free.