The iPod Touch may return in fall 2021

ipod touch 2021 1000x600.jpg
ipod touch 2021 1000x600.jpg

An iPod Touch 2021 has appeared on the horizon of Internet speculation by the hand of one of the publishers of MacRumors. He is an Apple product specialist and has already hit the spot on some of the brand’s product launches in the past. Of course, there is no confirmation of this information, nor will there be because Apple takes its launches in an extreme secret unless it is interested in launching a leak … as all manufacturers do.

It does not seem to be the case, but as a former user of these devices (and potential buyer of the new ones) it has caught my attention to share it with you. You know iPods have fallen out of favor at Cupertino headquarters. It has not happened only with Apple. In general, it has happened with the line of portable music players from other manufacturers, including one as big in this segment as Sony.

The reasons are known. The massive arrival of smart phones and their enormous versatility It has reduced to its minimum expression other groups of products such as compact cameras, portable consoles and also these music players that had their heyday, but whose sales drain was just as strong as smartphones were sold by the millions.

Five years ago we published a special on the 15th anniversary of the launch of the first iPod where we wondered if Apple’s line of portable digital audio players had a future. The answer was and still is clearly no. Two years later, Apple withdrew the iPod nano and suffle to «Simplify our product line». This does not mean that the company will not market a version in the future.

iPod Touch 2021, relaunch in the fall?

Shortly after Steve Jobs began his second stage at an Apple that was going through the worst moments in its history, he found that his company was falling out of the music industry. The first step was the purchase of the music management application “SoundJam” that would eventually become iTunes and the second was to form a management team to commercialize a player. The iPod line will turn 20 on October 23, 2021, so it would be a good time to reactivate the line.

iPod Touch 2021

The iPod Touches are the only ones left and the best way to launch an update. The moment beyond the anniversary is interesting. The Apple Music service continues to grow and AirPods wireless headphones dominate in sales, while the recent news of lossless audio support in Apple Music, would achieve a great listening experience on an iPod Touch 2021 that had a headphone jack of 3, 5mm that Apple has removed from iPhone, combined with a good analog digital converter, DAC.

In addition, it must be remembered that these devices not only used for musicInstead, they can run applications or games (its relaunch as a handheld console was rumored in the past), surf the Internet, make video calls, or play video content. Without forgetting the news that could come from the Augmented Reality technology in which Apple is working.

The iPod Touch may return in the fall of 2021 30

We leave it here. Do you think a new iPod Touch is possible or is Apple more interested in selling iPhones? Would you buy the iPod Touch 2021?