The fascinating world of office chair wheels: spending 20 euros to change them can be a blessing

the fascinating world of office chair wheels: spending 20 euros

You probably spend many hours a day sitting in front of your computer, so invest in a good chair It is one of the clear recommendations to work (and enjoy) those sessions at ease.

The fact is that in the field of chairs for work or play there is a whole world, but there is also an underworld: that of the people who “tune” them and change the wheels of the chairs to improve that section of your mobility.

$ 20 can make a huge difference

Reddit can be wonderful. The communities that gather there cover everything imaginable, and these days we have discovered a unique trend there: that of “tuning” office chairs with wheels to make them even more stupendous.


Stores like Amazon offer an assortment of office chair wheels.

It is at least what a Reddit user confessed who sent one in which he showed the new wheels that he had placed on his office chair. That user I had spent $ 20 on wheels that are normally used on skates to replace the conventional wheels of your chair.

The result: a frenzy of upvotes. The proposal garnered nearly 84,000 of those votes. by the community, which showed how something as seemingly innocuous as new wheels can give “new life” to the way you work.

Turns out that that practice of putting “roller skates” on chairs is more common than one would expect. There are endless offers on Amazon that allow you to do exactly the same and that make it clear that this is an underworld with a long history.

Of course, not everything is rosy in this segment, and there are those who have made it clear that some of those models end up being a disaster and they end up breaking on carpeted floors (which may not be the best option for those types of wheels).

Still, these rollerblade wheels are often highly recommended by their users, who highlight how they allow one to move much smoother and effortlessly.


My office chair with its wheels (which should change anyway) and the plastic surface that I have to prevent it from damaging the floor.

In addition to the traditional wheels that are included in office chairs they tend to scratch the floor, something that makes many people (I am one of them) buy hard plastic panels that protect the floor and protect it from the movement of those wheels.

Not only that, those wheels can also get stuck, especially if you have pets. The hair that these pets leave can end up obstructing the mechanisms that allow those wheels to turn. Cleaning those wheels ends up being a small condemnation, and the skate wheels that are used in these cases also avoid that problem.

All this seems to make it clear that changing the wheels of the office chair can be one of those small investments that we will end up thanking more than we expected. What things.