The best trading card games for mobile

trading card games for mobile
trading card games for mobile
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Trading card games for mobile

Collectible card games are very addictive, since they mix two very attractive dynamics: the competition and collecting. These card games require a certain skill, since it is necessary to know how each faction works, the cards that make it up, as well as the dynamics that are created between any of them and that allow “combos”, that is, combinations capable of creating certain beneficial effects or large amounts of damage to the opponent.

Trading card games allow users to build their own custom deck, obtain new cards, and battle against other players.

As with the best RPG games, cards have also reached mobile games. One of the advantages of mobile trading card games is that you can play a quick game at any timeas these games rarely exceed 5 or 6 minutes, allowing the user to be entertained at any time, be it on the subway on the way home or in the waiting room.

For fans of this type of game, these are some of the classics, essential and best valued:

– “Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft” (Android and iOS): The card game “World of Warcraft” is a classic among lovers of this type of game. The decks are inspired by one of the heroes of the franchise and the cards represent characters and events from Azeroth. As usual, the games are short and require strategy. Cards can be purchased for real money, play money, or can be crafted.

– “Magic Duels: Origins” (Android and iOS): If we talk about collectible cards, we have to talk about Magic The Gathering, the most iconic game of this style. “Origins” offers an extensive free and unlimited experience, with hundreds of cards to unlock, regular updates and a classic and well-known combat system.

– “Gwent: The Witcher Card Game” (Android and iOS): Based on the literary universe and The Witcher video games, this card game is one of the most popular on the Google Play Store. It offers several factions to choose from, hundreds of cards, and highly strategy-focused gameplay. The game receives many updates and allows “cross-play” between mobile and computer.

– «Legends of Runeterra» (Android and iOS): The trading card game based on “League of Legends”. The cards are based on the different champions of the game, as well as enemies and characters and stories from the LOL universe.

– «Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links »(Android and iOS): Based on the popular anime, duelists have to build their deck, choosing from over 700 cards. The duels are fast and the game is quite updated. To win, you need to know the cards well and how they work with each other.

– «Plants vs Zombies Heroes» (Android and iOS): In order for them to enjoy the popular strategy game “Plants vs Zombies”, with “Heroes” you can form a team with your favorite plants and face your friends online. In addition, the game has a campaign mode, with more than 400 levels.

– “Pokémon TCG Online” (Android): Card game of the Pokémon franchise, in which the player will have to create a deck of cards around a type of Pokémon and fight against other players. The biggest downside to this game is that it can only be played on tablets.