The best RPG games for mobile

best mobile rpgs
best mobile rpgs
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Best Mobile RPGs

RPG (Role Playing Game) games are one of the genres most appreciated by video game fans. These are games that are usually extensive, in which players take the role of a character or group of characters, who will have to improve by gaining experience through combat or the fulfillment of missions.

Role-playing games allow players to star in their own adventures, improving their characters and traveling through large fantasy worlds.

RPGs are appreciated in part for the amount of hours of entertainment they offer, as well as the ability to customize characters or the ability to freely explore the extensive maps of fantasy worlds.

Lovers of role-playing games are in luck, since more and more video game developers are betting on bringing their creations to mobile phones, which allows gamers to enjoy their games at any time. Today we are going to recommend some of the best RPG games for mobile.

– «Genshin Impact»: Available for Android and iOS, it is a free game although it has an online store where you can buy cosmetic items and some improvements. It has been a winner of the Best Game on Google Play in 2020 and is one of the most played multiplayer RPGs. The game takes the player through Teyvat in search of the answers from the Seven Elemental Gods. The world of Genshin Impact is huge and has many details to explore.

– «Runescape Mobile»: Runescape is a classic for mmorpg lovers and one of the longest-running massively role-playing games out there, since it’s 20 years old. It offers great freedom to live the adventure in company or alone, travel the world and dedicate yourself to whatever you want, be it fighting or looking after a farm.

– «Black Desert Mobile»: “Black Desert Online” is one of the most successful MMORPGs on PC and consoles, thanks to a unique gameplay, with real-time battles and very attractive graphics. The mobile version, available for Android and iOS, allows players to choose between different character classes and fully customize their avatars. The game has a very extensive world, which grows with each update and offers almost infinite possibilities, with the possibility of dedicating yourself to fishing, cooking or horse training.

– “Devil: Immortal”: Available for Android and soon on iOS (although no official date). This is the mobile iteration of Diablo, one of the most famous and played Action RPGs. Set between Diablo II and Diablo II, the player will be able to choose one of the four available classes to explore the nightmarish realm of Sanctuary.

– «Blade & Soul: Revolution»: For Android and iOS, this is the mobile iteration of the popular MMORPG “Blade & Soul”. A high quality game, with impressive cinematics, that show us the story of Jinsoyun, a murderer.

– «Lineage II: Revolution»: Available on iOS and Android, it is the mobile version of one of the most classic MMORPGs that exist. Players will be able to freely explore the world of Lineage II, alone or in company, as well as engage in real-time battles against 50 other players.

– “Pokémon Go”: The launch of this game for Android and iOS was a worldwide phenomenon. The mechanics, similar to the classic Pokémon games, consists of looking for monsters with our phone. The main feature of the game is that the Pokémon are shown on a real map, with a 1: 1 scale, which is updated in real time and shows where the monsters are, which forces the player to go to that point to capture them.

– «Toram Online»: Released in 2015 for iOS and Android, it is one of the most popular on Android. It is a massive role-playing game that stands out for its character creator, one of the most complex that exists. On the other hand, the world of «Toram Online» is vast, with many places to visit and explore.

– «V4»: This role-playing game for Android and iOS allows the player to choose between six different classes of demon hunters to fight in spectacular multiplayer battles. The game stands out for its speed and rhythm.

– «Final Fantasy»: For lovers of JRPG (Japanese RPG), in the Google Play Store it is possible to get hold of the great titles of the franchise. Unlike the rest of the titles on the list, which are free, these have a cost that ranges from € 9 to € 15 depending on the game. In this sense, it is possible to find the PlayStation classics “Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX”, as well as older iterations, such as “Final Fantasy VI”.